The internet is a wondrous thing. You can find anything online. Luckily that includes some amazing and wonderful reads from people writing about autism. This is Autistictics blogroll.

(It is sometimes difficult to find out if a blogger is autistic or not. If I accidentally put you in the wrong category please notify me and I will fix it right away. If I have included you as anonymous and you would like a name or pseudonym please also let me know.)

Actually Autistic blogroll

Amythest Schaber at Neurowonderful
Ido Kedar at Ido in Autismland
Meander Fiadhiglas at Werdivory
Sarah Stup
Steph at The Autistic Beekeeper and her wife Jesse at The Neurotypical Wife
Judy Endow
Mel Baggs at Ballastexistenz
Anonymous at I know this Rose will open
Lydia Brown at Autistic Hoya
John Elder Robison
Alyssa Hillary at Yes that too
Luna Lindsey
Foxtears at How autistic feels
Kelly at One quarter mama
Julia Bascom at Just stimming
Dani Alexis Ryskamp at Autistic Academic
Emma Zurcher-Long at Emmas Hope Book
Lydia at Autistic Speaks
C. S. Wyatt at The autistic me

Non-autistic blogroll

Heather Clark at Raising Rebel Souls
Anonymous at Dirty naked and happy

Resource blogroll

Experience Sharing for autistics at Autistic Problems
A collection of actually autistic voices on all kinds of topics related to their personal experiences with autism at autistikids
Budget resources for autistics at Autistic and poor
Stimming resources at Fuck yeah stimming

Know a site that should be on this blogroll? Leave a link in the comments!