Autistictic holding their black AAC tablet into the camera. The three large buttons on the screen read "DIFFERENT", "BUT", "EQUAL". Autistictic is wearing a grey hoodie. The AAC tablet is hiding their face.

Welcome to AUTISTICTIC, my blog about autism and disability.

I am here to share what it was like growing up being different. I am here to share what it was like trying to be ‘normal’. I am here to share my everyday struggles and successes.

This is what we know, when you tell us of your fondest hopes and dreams for us: that your greatest wish is that one day we will cease to be, and strangers you can love will move in behind our faces.

-Jim Sinclair, “Don’t Mourn For Us”

This blog is my first step towards self-acceptance. I am taking more steps every day.
I hope this blog can be a helpful space for others as well.

I invite you to comment, request topics, and ask questions.

Please note that English is not my first language. Excuse any mistakes.

You can find me here as well:



  • Bee

    I love this site!
    I understand why the right click and the select options are disabled, and wanting to prevent people from stealing your work is absolutely fine!
    However, it does make the site harder to use and less accessible.
    Right click is often used to activate extentions, use spelling correction (as an example I cannot fix “extentions” because I cannot open the context menu) or open links in new tabs.
    Selecting text is very helpful in visually breaking up the page so you can focus on what you are reading.

    There are ways to disable copy/paste without disabling right click or select.
    I attempted to post examples of how to disable copy/paste, but wordpress decided it was unsafe so I cannot post examples.

    I really hope you consider this

    • autistictic

      Hey there. Thank you for the comment! I have tried finding a way to do what you suggest because I know my “solution” is not ideal but have not been able to. I don’t know how to code or anything so my abilities are very limited in this regard. But if you have a link or anything, feel free to send me an email at autistictic at gmail dot com or via my contact form which goes to that same email. I will GLADLY look at it and see if I can figure it out!

  • Natalie

    Your understanding and use of English is impressive. I congratulate you on your blogs and now I realise because of what you have explained about selective mutism that I too have those episodes. I am in my sixties and occasionally in a very stressful situation I find that I am unable to say a word, even though I can still shake my head and nod. Thanks for explaining it all.


    can I have a copy of this great blog on Alexithymia. I run sessions for parents of autistic teens and this subject is very hard for them to understand but you explain it so well. it would help them to accept that their children are not’making it up, or being difficult.

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